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Solar Sabian Symbol: Scorpio 30

Children In Halloween Costumes Indulge In Various Pranks; Relief From Tension

In this final symbol of Scorpio season we receive some invaluable insight to the solution for undeveloped or devolved Scorpio energy: a safe and sanctified outlet for destructive energy and rebellious tendencies. Society must provide this for its members, families must provide this to the children, and the self must provide an outlet for the ego. Otherwise this energies will express itself through unconscious behavior or outright rebellion.

The Scorpio archetype has faced and ordered its shadow in order to create in union with God, not through repression or repudiation but social order and safe boundaries. These deeply personal experiences become our beliefs, which we can now work to apply externally through the Sagittarius archetype.

source: An Astrological Mandela, Dane Rudhyar