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Solar Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 3

Two Men Playing Chess; Interplay

In this symbol we see a ritualized conflict. A strategy is necessary. Both parties are openly striving to checkmate the other but in this game of skill there is no place for violence or brute force. There are rules and common practices and outside of experience or natural skill there is a level playing field. This battle of dark and light that has the capacity to be messy, raw and violent has been strictly contained and refined so that it may be played in near total silence at a small table.

There is a hint here regarding our relationship with the Divine and this process of applying our beliefs to the structures and Powers we interact with: a civilized outlet for conflict and its resolution is necessary to maintain order and goodwill. We would do well to view our problems as chess games and our enemies as opponents, without which there would be no game to play.

source: An Astrological Mandela, Dane Rudhyar