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Solar Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 2

White-Capped Waves Display The Power Of The Wind Over Sea; Subtilization Through Rhythmic Intensity

Wind is a symbol of spiritual energy and Divine forces and the sea represents the emotional body. Spiritual forces and our own evolution fuel cyclical and rhythmic releases of emotional energy from the subconscious so that it can be refined. Each cycle leaves us with a more subtle form of these conflicts and cravings, more properly ordered for our calling and freed of ego conditioning. This is a necessary process of healing and integration.

It is interesting to note the reference to Christ from Matthew 8:27: The disciples were amazed. “Who is this man?” they asked. “Even the winds and waves obey him!” . Sagittarius rules religion and tradition and the lower vibration of Sagittarius can get stuck in doctrine and dogma. This leads to false peace and eventually hypocrisy, whether we have the expectation that God will always calm the storm or we indulge in the temptation that spiritual bypassing offers us.

source: An Astrological Mandela, Dane Rudhyar