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Solar Sabian Symbol: Leo 4

A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition; Spoils of Victory

Oddly, there is no keyword provided for this symbol so I have chosen one. The man in this symbol is both elderly and formally dressed; here we see the masculine will in its full maturity. The results of this maturity are his trophies. He has conquered the wild animals within and this work has been rewarded with undeniable proof of his skill and effort. The emphasis in Dane’s analysis focuses on tradition, rituals and procedures as a formal process for self-actualization but this is just the presentation. He is posing with his trophies in a suit, but they were won through blood, sweat and perseverance. This symbol is about our ability to conquer and the status that is bestowed upon those who have the patience and good fortune to line up a kill shot.

source: An Astrological Mandela, Dane Rudhyar

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Solar Sabian Symbol: Leo 3

A Middle Aged Woman, With Long Hair Flowing Over Her Shoulders In a Bra-less Youthful Garment; Independence

Today we face the rebellion of the feminine principal against the false limitations imposed by society. This woman dares to ignore the social convention surrounding her standard of dress by embracing youthful fashion. The soul often calls us to embrace aspects of self outside the rules of our culture: she calls the poor to a sensual luxury that capitalism forbids someone of their station, she calls the older woman to embrace her beauty and sensuality long after society has dismissed her for being “of a certain age”, she calls the man to create something outside the constraints of profit and practicality. To make the highest use of the power discussed in the first degree of Leo we must be willing to operate independently of societal pressures and norms.

source: An Astrological Mandela by Dane Rudhyar

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Solar Sabian Symbol: Leo 2

An Epidemic of the Mumps; The Infectious Spread of Individual Experiences

Here we have a highly contagious childhood disease with catastrophic consequences to the sexual health of grown men spreading from person to person. This symbol represents the contagion of behavior and the effects this contagion may have on the collective. The sexual inference shows us how deeply this contagion runs and that it will effect the desire and potency of the man (who always represents the masculine principal of the individual, as women represent the soul).

We have a very human tendency to make ourselves the exception to the rule; to find a reason why everyone else should govern themselves one way and we cannot or should not. Today is a great day to ask yourself: what if everyone did what I am doing? Would that help or hurt the collective and the other individuals involved? We cannot see clearly the whole fabric of Divine design- we do not fully understand the consequences of our actions across the entirety of it- but we can consider the effect of their contagion.

source: An Astrological Mandela, by Dane Rudhyar

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Solar Sabian Symbol: Leo 1

Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur of Ambition; Conflagration.

This symbol represents the process of Kundalini returning to the crown chakra after the dark night. Leo is the sign of the Divine Child: the result of harmony and balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The goal of the spiritual path is to operate from an integrated ego and a healed inner child. If our minds are transformed this rush of light will give us the inspiration and power to create a legacy and serve humanity from our spiritual gifts. If our minds are not prepared to receive this light we are subject to the limitations of our ego-centered consciousness.

source: An Astrological Mandela, Dane Rudhyar