Prophetic Astrology Readings and Spiritual Guidance

The natal chart reveals God’s plan for our life. It shows our talents, gifts and lessons for this incarnation. It is never a direct translation; there is always room for the mystery of God, but by examining astrological charts we can understand the energy we agreed to embody and how to use it to align with Divine will.

I work primarily with the Sabian symbols, an oracle developed from the 360 degrees of the zodiac, and am heavily influenced by asteroid placements and esoteric aspects (septiles and noviles). I use traditional Saturn based astrology and intuitive interpretation of the symbols in a chart. My personal practice is based in the Catholic tradition but I welcome and work with clients of all faiths and lifestyles.

Sometimes people approach me with a burden but do not have the funds to purchase a reading. For this reason, I accept and offer sponsored readings. To donate a sponsored reading, send the payment via this link with the note “sponsored reading”. To receive a sponsored reading inquire via email.

Our Divine Mother

For He gave me sound knowledge of what exists, that I might know the structure of the universe and the force of its elements, the beginning and the end and the midpoint of times, the changes in the sun’s course and the variation of the seasons, cycles of years, positions of stars, natures of living things, tempers of beasts, Powers of the winds and thoughts of human beings, uses of plants and virtues of roots- whatever is hidden or plain I learned, for Wisdom, the artisan of all, taught me.

Wisdom 7:17-22

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