Welcome and thank you for your interest in my practice. I’m Catherine, a channel, astrologer and Usui reiki master. I have worked as a professional astrologer and tarot reader both online and in person since 2015. I work primarily with Hecate and the Archangels. My astrology style is practical and contemporary but mostly intuitive and is heavily based on the use of Sabian symbols, an oracle developed from the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

My son and I were delivered from domestic violence in 2018 and have struggled with housing since then. My goal is to establish a basic minimum income so that I can care for my son and have a secure foundation from which to serve clients. Our dream is a small farm in an affordable location. We live in a small studio in a quiet town.

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you very much for the reading. It’s beautiful, and I’ve been meditating on it for the past few days, trying to really absorb it and your wisdom. It has provided me another perspective that I didn’t consider…”

“It is incredible reading this as these are precisely the chakras I’ve been struggling with lately… to see you were guided to use a type of reiki that works on them together blows my mind! This morning I feel so much less “on edge” and able to stay more easily in a present and peaceful frame of mind. Thank you again, your work is amazing and I am so grateful!”

“Thank you so much for the reading. My question was not detailed and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think you nailed it.”

“This is so detailed and a lot of what I have read so far is very very “me” at this present time. So your reading is so unique. I will keep it and refer to it often.”

“I absolutely loved your reading! It immediately touched on the things I’ve been dealing with right now… you have a beautiful gift and I’m grateful for the chance to experience it.”

“I woke up with a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. Everything felt so much easier to deal with. I’ll definitely be in contact again to purchase more of your services.”

“Thank you so much for this reading; I found it incredibly insightful and very applicable to what I’m feeling and doing currently…”

“The reading you provided was deep and cut to the bones but it was necessary. The reiki you gave was like a salve to an infected wound and I am deeply grateful for your time and energy.”

“Thank you, I appreciate the tremendous energy experience! I felt myself come to life as it was happening while I was cooking.”

“I … felt a lot more mobile later on. I do carry some … pain, so I appreciate your energy and focus. The reading is fascinating! Really on point.”

“This was incredible. You have an expansive wealth of knowledge and I can’t imagine the benefits this reading will have for me.”

“Thank you so much for this. The guidance you gave is just what I needed to hear, everything rang true for my situation and your work has shown me new ways to look at things and how best to move forward. Once again you’ve shared your gifts with me, I deeply appreciate it and everything you do. Also, the cards you used are so beautiful!!”

“I admire Catherine’s work on this report. I don’t see many practitioners so deftly combining asteroids, fixed stars and degree symbols with lived esoteric practice. She crafts careful nuggets of insight, guidance & practice to both chew on and to lead outward into life as lived. She’s nailed certain aspects of my lived experience and the reframing opens up some qualities which seem unavoidable and worth a lot more personal exploration. Some may think the layering of multiple finely-detailed techniques might be overkill, but it all reads as natural as a flowing brook. One so gifted can do A LOT for virtually any kind of reading. Do consider reaching out for her insight!”

“I’ve never had reiki done before, but I definitely felt the shift in energy.”

“Thank you for the reading.  It really resonated and gave me some points to consider.  Also thank you for the reiki on Monday night.  I definitely felt quite calm and relaxed on Monday night as I went to bed.”

“…her interpretations are beautiful and I’ve loved the readings I’ve had…”

“…wonderful, incredibly insightful…exactly what I needed.”

..”your reading was much deeper, more specific, and more accurate than I thought possible, and you have given me a lot to digest…”

“…thank you for the Reiki session… I experienced something in that moment for sure – but the real outcome has been in my dreams. Ever since this Reiki session my dreams have been vivid and clear… so thank you soooo much. I’ll be in touch again for more Reiki – that is for sure…”

“I appreciate all you do, I have seen a lot of growth in my life and I attribute it to your help. I am forever grateful. Much love.”

“She spoke on issues I’ve been trying for the last four years to work through and had some inspiring insights…”

“The read was so specific and spot on that I have no question about Catherine’s gifts and I like working with her.”

“She’s incredibly gifted and has a beautiful way of relaying messages from Spirit.”

“Thank you so much. I am totally impressed- you are spot on.”

“Thank you for the Reiki session. You are one of the only practitioners that I see both internal and external change with.”

“Catherine interpreted my chart a while ago and I still find myself going back to it! She’s truly gifted, everything she said was both accurate and comforting.”

“I had such a lovely natal chart reading from Cat, that still rests fondly in my memory of her unique insight. I loved the way she pulled in Sabian symbols for her own unique interpretations. Highly recommended for a beautifully written, insightful reading.”

“Thank you very much, this is incredible! Your reading is beautifully written and ridiculously accurate! Everything you wrote resonated and rang true to me! I don’t know how you interpreted all of the themes present in the two charts in such a short time frame -Amazing!!”

“I loved my reading, it is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I will definitely be reaching out to you again in the future.”

“Overall, your reading gave me a lot of perspective! It was very detailed and informative. This is my first ever horary so it was really nice to see what conclusions you were able to make. Funny you mentioned…”

“But i just read the reading and I love love love it and i wanted to inform you of that and how gifted and wise you are!! everything was spot on. the part about .. wow. i am so appreciative of you and your energy and I’m absolutely going to be booking another one of your services asap. thank you so so much” 

“Thank you so much for the reading. It resonated with me in a lot of ways.”

“This woman gave me clear, concise and potent answers to the vague and uncertain questions I posed before her…”

“I was able to sign up for a service offered by Catherine last year and I have purchased things from her such as devotional guide that I still hold dear to my heart. She is a talented, powerful and intuitive channel that I admire deeply!”

“My favorite, I always love when I’m able to get a reading.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend [Catherine’s] services!”

“Excellent report with brilliant insight.”

“Thank you for my horary reading. It was incredibly validating and helpful.”

“Thank you so much, this is exceptional.“ 

“This is great, thank you so much! I will definitely consult you again!”

“Thanks much… they were beautiful and so insightful.”

“She has read for me multiple times & I have found true beauty in her prayer books. She is pure channel & offers you mystical, detailed insight from a divine perspective.”

“Still trippin off my reading from this powerhouse. Thank you for the intention.”

“I truly can’t thank you enough, I think I would have missed this blessing if it weren’t for you.”

“I recently received a natal chart reading from [Catherine] and must share how good it is. Catherine gets right to the heart of the matter using practical language. The Spirit-focused perspective draws this influence down, ready to manifest. Thank you for the gift of your insight.”

“…it’s wonderful, I really appreciate your insight! Thank you so much..

“…it hit home and I definitely cried while reading it. She spoke on issues that I’ve been trying for the last four years to work through and had some inspiring insights- will repeat.”

“This is great insight for me. Appreciate you.”

“It was so spot on to my current journey and gave me the deeper clarity that I needed… You are truly a blessing on this journey and to the collective, thank you for your insight and guidance.”

“She has a gift and is such a compassionate mirror. She gave me confirmations.. Thank you for this expansion, Catherine. You’ve held space for me that I had not yet known how to give for myself…”

“Wow, Catherine. This is right on par with what has been occurring in my life lately.  Thank you so much for this insight. It is really appreciated and well received.”

“…it was so helpful! Catherine has a real gift and I highly suggest a reading from her to anyone trying to figure out their path.”

“This whole reading resonates so deeply, thank you! I will absolutely be reading and reflecting on it a lot… Grateful for you!“

“Thank you, Catherine. This reading was wonderful and beautiful… You are a blessing to everyone you come across.”

“Oh my gosh thank you so much! This is beautiful and deeply resonates…”

“Catherine. I am moved to tears by your reading. It offered me the exact guidance I need right now…May God bless you and continue to shine light on you and your work!”

“..this was an amazing reading that helped me reach clarity. Catherine is extremely talented and I highly recommend you book a reading with her! I feel relief whenever I read this. Thank you! God bless..”

“I received a birth chart reading from [Catherine] and would definitely recommend her intuitive work…”

“Thank you so much. This really resonates and is extremely helpful guidance to me right now. Bless you!”

“You are truly truly gifted. Everything you expressed to me literally unraveled last night. Thank you for your clarity and insight. I plan on sharing your services with the people around me because you most certainly deserve it. May God continue to bless you and grant you all your desires and beyond.”